The cost of survival is more than the investment to live. You have a choice. Choose your attitude!
~Coach Shaquan

20-minute, introductory coaching session for new clients- $0
Before we begin working together, let’s get clear on your needs and how I can help you get what you want. During our 20-minute phone session, we will define your goals, create a vision and explore your options. How can coaching benefit you? Connect with me to find out!


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60-minute, laser coaching session- $125
During our 60-minute phone session, I’ll provide you with laser tools to breakthrough whatever has you stuck in your marriage or relationship. Do you want to create an action plan that works? Bet that. You are in the right place!


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Learning Community for Wives, $67/month
A Tribe Called B.E.S.T. is a learning community for wives who want tools and strategies to help build connection and intimacy in their marriage. Focused on self-awareness and Truth, Tribe B.E.S.T. encourages healthy relationships, growth and empowerment for wives to fear-less and be authentic in all areas of their lives. 

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3-hours, group coaching session- $297
The EnerVision Experience is an intimate, vision board workshop for up to 10 people where I teach you the *7 levels of energy to give you clarity and focus on what you really want. Are you open to a new experience? Learn how to combine the power of energy with creative visioning to bring awareness of who you are and where you want to be!


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12-week, premium coaching program- By application only
This 12-week, extensive program is designed to challenge what you believe to be Truth about you and your relationship. Are you tired of “working on it”? Using the Perception-Reality-Truth curriculum, I will teach you how to use self-awareness to embrace your Truth, build connection and restore intimacy in your marriage or relationship. Are you ready to get what you want? Yep, this is where you start.


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