Shala & Ed

My husband and I partnered with Coach Shaquan to work through some issues in our marriage. We had done pre-martial counseling in the past, as well as individual counseling, but we still felt stuck. The experience with Coach Shaquan was the first one where we both felt heard and understood by the person helping us. She was open, honest, fair, and she didn’t mind calling us out on our stuff…which we needed! When our coaching experience was completed we both had learned more about one another and ourselves than we had before; we also had a more clear perspective on what we could do, individually, to take our marriage to the happy place we so badly want it to be in. I recommend Coach Shaquan to couples all of the time and I will continue to do so. She has a gift and we were blessed to be one of the lucky couples to experience that gift first-hand. ~Shala Starks

I call Shaquan ``the man whisperer``. When my boyfriend and I were experiencing communication problems, I reached out to Shaquan. I thought I understood what my boyfriend needed and wanted. I thought I understood his concerns. But when we met with Shaquan, she was able to translate what I thought I heard my boyfriend say, into what he actually meant. It was eye opening and proved to be beneficial to repairing our relationship. I am truly appreciative of Shaquan's services. We'll always credit her for helping us communicate and understand each other better. ~Arika Parr

Coach Shaquan is the perfect definition of a God-send. She was truly given a gift from above to help H‎IS children. Coach has helped me grow in ways mentally, spiritually, and even physically. I am a better man a better husband and even a better Christian because of her. She will turn that mirror, the one that shows all of your flaws and secrets, that you thought you were able to hide from the world and even yourself on you and show you that whatever those flaws are you can and will be fixed. I recommend Coach Shaquan. She will not only give you what you need to hear, but what God wants you to hear. ~Charles H.

PRT works if you work it!!!! Because of the essential tools insight and information I am able to recognize ``opportunities`` in myself and am more aware of ME than ever before. I am still consistently growing and developing myself to be the best ME I can be. I now recognize myself, habits and behaviors as I see me, I see me in others and work very diligently to overcome and improve. This is all because of Coach Shaquan, her methods and process. She is extremely patient, empathetic, caring and giving. She's unrelenting in providing a healthy safe and healing environment for all clients. Coach Shaquan checks for understanding listens deeply and ``calls out`` the issues. She will dig through the layers and help you search a non-judgment way to face your own truth! She's holistically just what I needed…a cough drop on a cold winter day-very soothing!!!!! ~R.H.


It was a privilege to be coached by Shaquan. I was immediately taken by her keen ability to connect and listen deeply. She created an atmosphere where I felt affirmed and understood, while also being challenged to uncover the obstacles that were holding me back from doing more of what I was capable of doing. After each session there were impactful and specific actions I could take and I was able to apply and reflect on those throughout the week. At the close of one session she left me with a quote that I promptly wrote down and still have posted on my computer: “Go forth with great spirit and enjoy your day!” That captures the essence of the coaching that she provides. Individuals or couples looking for deep caring and insight along with action-oriented guidance will find her to be the ideal coach. ~Tim Ressmeyer

Marriage is hard work…and Shaquan would often ask, “are you willing to do the work?” Over the course of the last year, Shaquan has seen the good, bad and ugly of my marriage, but through it all she remained neutral, honest, truthful and supportive. She asks hard questions and expects answers, as well as allowing you to find your truth. During the time outside of our sessions, she was available, via phone or email, very attentive to her clients even when our sessions ended. She often shares other events that she is hosting that she feels will be beneficial to my husband and me as a couple as well as individuals. We utilized the Connection Repair now the Perception-Reality-Truth Program that we plan to use again in the near future. Through the process I realized there is always something that can be improved. I am thankful to Shaquan for pushing us outside of our comfort zone asking the tough questions and continuing to be a resource for us in our marriage. ~K. Harris

I had never been to an actual vision board segment. I enjoyed learning about the 7 energy levels and how to see what level you are. The information was clear and useful. I really enjoyed the meditation parts, with the breathing and reflection. I also enjoy where you came around and talk to everyone to see where they were on an energy and vision/dream level and gave your feedbacks and ideas! ~S. Lewis

What I liked most about working with Coach Shaquan was her directness, patience, understanding and her ability to translate my feelings and emotions into words. There was not anything that I did not like about working with Coach Shaquan. Overall, I appreciated the realness, fairness and control of mediation and feel that the session was great. My ``ah ha`` moment was when I realized that I grew up with lots of responsibility and not enough nurturing which affects the way that I show love now. I learned that I have been holding on to a lot of guilt, which has been preventing me from completely enjoying where God has brought me. Thank you! ~Curtis B.

I'm sending you a thank-you note for inviting me to partake in your spiritual workshop last weekend. Since participating, I've completed two vision boards (a life goals board and a gratitude board). Both serve as reminders of how everything you desire in life can be manifested if you align yourself with a Higher Power. Thanks for helping me acknowledge the strength of faith and the potential to start living my dreams. ~Adrienne


You know men, we have a thing about getting help when we need it. We always say “it's not me, it's her” but what I found out is that 90% of it was me. To save my relationship I turned to your services and man was I impressed. I know from experience that if you put in the work it will work. So men if you are in the fence about getting help just give her a try. You will not regret it, trust me. ~Korey Johnson

Coach Shaquan is a great listener. She helped me understand what roadblocks I was building in my life that were getting in the way of reaching my goals. I learned how to stop over-thinking and over-planning and finally move into action. Before working with Coach Shaquan I was frustrated and stressed out and now I feel focused and energized. ~Leslie Kirk

My experience working with Coach Shaquan can be summed up in one word, ENLIGHTENING. I have learned the invaluable lesson of taking an introspective search to discover why certain events are happening/have happened in my life. Coach Shaquan has helped me get to the place where accountability has become the focal point in all of my relationships. Holding myself accountable helps me to keep things in perspective, taking the focus off of how something makes me feel, rather putting the focus on why I am having a particular feeling. Through my work with Coach Shaquan I have developed a better understanding of my role in all relationships and have been able to remove the burden of trying to create positive energy for others. Each day is a new opportunity to understand instead of merely seeking to be understood. ~Always Evolving