Romance 101: 5 Ways To Make Her Woo

Fellas, how often do you feel uncomfortable stepping out of yourself to fulfill her repeated requests to be romantic? You either over think, under think or don’t think anything about how to show affection or emotional attraction for her. Sound familiar?

Sometimes your ego can block you from showing up for reasons such as lack of initiative or fear of rejection, which are both understandable. Remember to show up authentically and your romantic gestures will help build intimacy and give you the opportunity to build connection with her.

I work with a lot of men who struggle just like you. Check out five ways to help create romance and connect in your relationship:

  1. Compliment and acknowledge – She can always use a little boost in her self-esteem and who better to give it to her than you? Whether you choose talking, texting or even sexting, there are opportunities to show you care and let her know she’s on your mind. Take advantage!
  2. Do without asking – Which chore stresses her the most? No need to ask permission, take the lead and take over her task. Instead of asking “Do you want me to help you?”, consider saying “I will do (blank) for you.” Taking a load off her will give you romantic points you’ll be able to cash in for great rewards!
  3. Put some thought into it – What does she like? Whether it’s her favorite pastime or places she likes to go, don’t get caught up in how much something costs. There are tons of freebies or very inexpensive ideas to romance her. Google it!
  4. Make time for two – Remove distractions to focus and enjoy each other’s company. This isn’t the time to discuss issues, rather a refreshing opportunity to create nostalgic energy and revisit your relationship goals. Imagine what alone time can do for your connection. It’s time to make her your priority.
  5. Practice the act of nonsexual touches – Congratulations, you’ve mastered the thigh rub, so how about practicing a gentle touch on her shoulder or an unexpected kiss on the cheek? If you are struggling with initiating sex, this is also a great way to get you in the mood. Best outcome possible…sensation and warmth of your hands will do more than make her woo. BOOM!


My tips are similar to what you’ll find in The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. BONUS ALERT: Do you know her love language? Better yet, what’s yours? Suggest to her that both of you take the quiz found here and find out. This will take the guesswork and stress out of performing romantic gestures, and allow her to understand the things that make you woo too! 

Holla back and let me know how this worked for you.


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Hey there! My name is Coach Shaquan and I'm all about showing up authentically to build and maintain healthy relationships. My personal experience, professional training and absolute passion fuel me to teach what I learned to help you overcome the fears and challenges in your marriage or relationship. I work with people who WANT a healthy relationship, BELIEVE they can have what they want, and people who are WILLING to invest to get solutions that work. Is this you? Well you are in the right place. Let's do this!

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