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Perception: Marriage is hard.

Reality: Learning to be married takes work.

Truth: Understanding how your mindset influences your actions can help build connection and intimacy in your marriage!

Think about it. Two people coming together with different belief systems and values to reach one goal…there is bound to be challenges and conflict! Mindset refers to the way you think, or your mental attitude, about someone or something. It’s important to have clarity on what you think, and why, for the purpose of understanding and creating a healthy relationship with yourself and with your spouse.

What’s Your Marriage Mindset?

Take this short quiz to find out and keep in mind, there are no right or wrong answers…only your Truth!

Ready? Set. GO!

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1) I feel my spouse/partner understands me.
2) I can easily trust my spouse/partner.
3) I attract healthy relationships.
4) I fight fair with my spouse/partner when we have disagreements.
5) I am experiencing growth in my marriage/relationship.
6) I believe healthy relationships are a reflection of self-worth.
7) I believe my marriage/relationship functions as a partnership.
8) I tolerate people even when they make me unhappy.  
9) I need more ________  in my marriage/relationship. (check all that apply)
10) I am able to forgive my spouse/partner when I feel wronged.
11) I show my spouse/partner affection.  
12) I feel like the helper, healer and fixer in my marriage/relationship.
13) I receive compassion from my spouse/partner.
14) I am vulnerable with my spouse/partner.
15) I am...
16) I live in... (include city and state)


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