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Let’s be honest. It’s draining to be in a marriage with an emotional, spiritual, physical or mental disconnection…and you don’t know how to fix it. Nothing you’ve done seems to be working, or when you take two steps forward, something happens to set you back. So, your thoughts become discouraging or destructive, both keeping you from showing up authentically and stops your marriage from moving closer to the happiness and peace you want. Sound familiar?


Yeah…you might have the marriage “itch”. No worries, there’s a cure for this.


From communication to forgiveness, 7 Cures to Remedy the Marriage “Itch” teaches you how to emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually reconnect in your marriage and relationships.

Focused on 7 key areas of self-awareness, learn quick tips and tools that work to help you better communicate, build intimacy and be authentically you!







7 key areas of self-awareness:

-Energy (Communication and Connection)



Because she understands the journey to peace and happiness is a process, Coach Shaquan opens up about her personal challenges with self-awareness and how it affected her marriage in her e-book, 7 Cures to Remedy the Marriage “Itch”– How to Overcome the Fear of Losing Your Marriage by Finding Yourself. After reading this guide, you will walk away with the confidence to choose thoughts, feelings and behaviors that represent you best and help you reach the goals of your marriage and relationships!


Take a moment and imagine how showing up authentically would increase the intimacy and connection in your marriage.

What if you could remedy the “itch” blocking your marriage from reaching your goals? It’s possible and these 7 cures will teach you how to gain self-awareness, open your perspective and find solutions that work best for you!

7 Cures to Remedy the Marriage "Itch"

Learn how 7 key areas of self-awarness can help you build connection, restore intimacy and create the peace you want in your marriage!


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